Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What an interesting thing. Every now and then while searching I come across a page, or random blurb, about how time is only a relative thing. I remember once asking somebody, who lived in an entirely different time zone out of the US, where time 'starts.' Not as in how time all began or what year it started, what I meant by the question was what area is considered '0.' If you weren't aware, EST is considered -5. He didn't quite understand the question and we got into an entirely different thought process of time, but after having looked up some information I found the London, Casablanca and Dublin were considered to be 0. Time has honestly always interested me. I find it fascinating that people are directed in life by 3 or 4 numbers. We have to rush in order to meet deadlines, get ready in time to go to class, learn how to manage time and use it wisely all throughout life. But what if we didn't have time? Would we turn things in at any old time? Would we have another system to go by, perhaps letters? Having lived so long with time, it's hard to picture where we would be without it. Even as I try writing this, I think of it being A but subconsciously at "o'clock" on the tail end. I think human nature is to establish structure or means of organization, and somewhere along the way time came about. Now our lives are run by only a couple numbers, kind of makes you feel very small.


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