Video Art

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For class we had to recreate a piece of artwork in video form with the first half dealing with little movement, but with a breath of life. The second half had to have something significantly noticeable happening.

The piece I had chosen was this, by a Deviant Art artist Levinet. It's a fairly simple piece, but that's what I liked about it:

And this is my video attempt of recreation. I wish I could've done better. :\

Flippity bookssss.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We had to create flip books too, before the flash project. They're pretty neat, but the time one was a pain in the rear. Srsly.

Time Passes but Little Happens - Einsteins Dreams

Night 'n Day

Our assignment was to create a movie in flash illustrating Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, or Man vs. Technology. I chose Man vs. Nature and wanted to portray something simple and easily understood.

Monday, March 3, 2008
This was the first link I clicked on. At first I thought it wasn’t done loading, but once I investigated more I found that it’s actually a road. I tried to connect the title of the site to the content, but I simply didn’t get it. It’s hard to find something to write about. The content is simple, you click and it acts as if you are in a car or on a bike or something and moving forward, you go towards the left it turns left, and you go towards the right it turns right. Not that hard. It left me wanting more, or to reach an ending. I don’t know if I didn’t click long enough to reach the ending or not. I’m beginning to think the point is to leave you wanting more out of it when that more just isn’t there.
There are six total pieces, each having a different setting during a woman’s day. Every one of them is interesting in their own way. It begins with her in bed, struggling to wake up. It moves on to later on in the morning where she’s reading the paper and has a clip of a movie (of what looks like Hitler?) in it. At 2pm she’s at an art exhibit or museum/gallery and gets engulfed in one of the paintings/pictures. Later on she’s waiting for the train or subway and then she’s taking a bubble bath, all ‘til she finally relaxes with a cigarette and paintings begin to form on the wall.

My favorite of these is the one taking place at 2pm. I can relate so well to it, because often times I’ll see the simple paintings of barns or fields and imagine what it would be like to be there or to live there. It touches all your senses in different ways. It’s very dream-like to me.
The last one I did is a bunch of mini films on a loops. There isn’t a whole lot to them, but each has a bit of humor or curiosity. There are 19 in total. Each has a little bit of charm to them. I think I would definitely consider it more of low art instead of high. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination, I just see them as being cute and a little funny. Something to share with your friends or post up just for a bit of entertainment. It’s not serious, which is probably my favorite part of it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The assignment was to show time in a series of 5, 4, 3 and 1.

5 Photographs: Shows the traveling of the paper from where it started (in the trunk of my car) to the room and begin transforming into a paper airplane. It moves on to right before being thrown off of the top floor of Bowe Street building, then caught mid-flight, and once it hits the ground.

4 Photographs: Starts off with a paper airplane, and it gradually sort of dematerializes or reduces itself to just bits and pieces until nothing is left. "Escaping."

3 Photographs: Pile of bits and pieces transforms into a figure. "Deep Sea Angler Fish." (See here.)

1 Photograph: Paper on fire. We know what's happening and what's eventually going to happen as time passes. (Probably would've been more effective if shown after it was burned.)


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What an interesting thing. Every now and then while searching I come across a page, or random blurb, about how time is only a relative thing. I remember once asking somebody, who lived in an entirely different time zone out of the US, where time 'starts.' Not as in how time all began or what year it started, what I meant by the question was what area is considered '0.' If you weren't aware, EST is considered -5. He didn't quite understand the question and we got into an entirely different thought process of time, but after having looked up some information I found the London, Casablanca and Dublin were considered to be 0. Time has honestly always interested me. I find it fascinating that people are directed in life by 3 or 4 numbers. We have to rush in order to meet deadlines, get ready in time to go to class, learn how to manage time and use it wisely all throughout life. But what if we didn't have time? Would we turn things in at any old time? Would we have another system to go by, perhaps letters? Having lived so long with time, it's hard to picture where we would be without it. Even as I try writing this, I think of it being A but subconsciously at "o'clock" on the tail end. I think human nature is to establish structure or means of organization, and somewhere along the way time came about. Now our lives are run by only a couple numbers, kind of makes you feel very small.

The creation of life.

Before anything real information is drawn out of my mind and slapped on this here blog, I'd like to say that the title of 'moonshine' is not at all referring to the bathtub gin or what have you seen heavily throughout the Prohibition period. I like the moon, I like the word, and thus we have sense!

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